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Fresh & tasty Vietnamese fare at Pho & Grill; by Brian Patterson
May 19, 2010

Pho & Grill exemplifies everything appealing about Vietnamese cuisine. The space is lean and trim, bright, clean, simple and full of delicious aromas — just like the food.

The Vietnamese plate is generally neither fussy nor cluttered, accentuating the clean lines of freshly slivered chilies, chopped herbs, vermicelli cut carrots, fine noodles, crisp wrappers and sauces that range from the transparent yet potent to the dark and rich. The short menu at Pho & Grill features dishes that are spare, yet by no means meager, in their portions.. 

Ephemeral flavor with flair at Pho & Grill in Olney; by Brian Patterson
July 27, 2011

Seafood noodle is a modest name for a complex and sumptuous meal in a bowl, and it should make Pho & Grill in Olney a necessary destination for area pescatarians. It's a seafood riff on the classic Vietnamese Pho, which is typically a beef-centric noodle and broth affair.

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